Our Services

Below is a summary of some of the services we provide. Please visit back as we are constantly up-dating our services to better fit the needs of our clients.

•  Look for signs of unauthorized credit use and/or identity theft.

•  Report updated and accurate information to the three major credit bureaus and dispute duplicated items on credit report (appearing more than once due to selling or assignment to collection agency or error in reporting by creditor).

•  Review name, address, and Social Security information for accuracy.

•  Review all credit card limits and balances for accuracy.

•  Dispute information not belonging to you (our client).

•  Require accuracy on same name issues (ie: Jr, Sr, II, III, hyphenated names, etc.).

•  Dispute inaccurate late payment history information on open and closed accounts.

•  Dispute items that are beyond statute of limitations or other legally required passage of time index where law permits.

•  Report updated accounts that have been paid in full but are still reflecting balances due (ie: paid in collections, etc.).

•  Discuss with client possibility of adding favorable information to credit report.

•  Dispute accounts to show zero balances and no longer owing when accounts were included in consumers bankruptcy.

•  Filing Disputes with credit bureaus where client cannot identify information contained thereon and/or has a reasonable belief that items appearing on report are not theirs or are in error in any manner or form.