About Our Company

Credit Sweepers and its staff would like to welcome you to the Credit Sweepers credit restoration program. With our combined experience in the credit restoration industry, our staff would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust and faith you have expressed towards our company by allowing us to assist you in such a confidential and personal matter. In appreciation, we promise to do all that we can to assist you in improving your credit history back into the best shape possible.

The Credit Sweepers program is a combined effort between you, Credit Sweepers and the three major credit reporting agencies (Trans Union, Experian and Equifax) and the creditors/collection companies. With that said, it is important for you to understand your role and Credit Sweepers' throughout this process. Your cooperation in providing Credit Sweepers with any and all correspondence you receive from the Bureaus mentioned above is vital to your success with this service. This correspondence includes: Credit Reports, Credit Restoration Deterrent Letters, Address or Identity Verification request and any other correspondence. The deterrent letters are sent by the credit bureaus regardless whether you use a credit restoration company or you have chosen to dispute your own reports. It is our opinion that the bureaus use these letters to stall the restoration process and to deter consumers from proceeding further. Credit Sweepers is familiar with how to respond to each of the correspondence mentioned above and is part of the reason you retained us to pursue this with and for you.

At Credit Sweepers, we realize that no one makes a conscious decision to damage their credit history and it is our opinion that our clients are good people that have experienced circumstances of life, such as: Divorce, Loss of Employment, Downsizing, Death or Disability, Work Related Injuries, Illness and many other problems that are in most cases out of your control. Therefore, Credit Sweepers wants you to understand that our program is not designed to help people beat the system, but instead to exercise their rights under FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act ). Under this Act it is the responsibility of the Bureaus and the Creditors /Collection Companies to make every effort to insure the validity and accuracy of the information that they are reporting about you. In recent studies it shows that over 50% of the information being reported on consumer credit files is erroneous, misleading, outdated, obsolete or unverifiable. Therefore, it is our belief that the services we provide are both beneficial to you and the Bureaus in insuring that the information being reported is up to date, current and accurate. However, we realize that the Bureaus and the creditors do not feel the same way. You may be asking, why? Well it's simple, if these inaccuracies remain on your report, it justifies higher interest rates and fees for the creditors who are extending your credit. This makes the Bureaus happy because the people who buy most of their reports (Banks, Mortgage Companies, Car Dealerships, etc.) are making more money. For these reasons we believe that it is not only necessary, but everyone’s financial responsibility to insure and demand the validity, accuracy and the ownership of information being reported. We look forward to partnering with you on this project and we will do our best to provide you with a true consumer financial solution.